Posted by IRONCLAD PERFORMANCE WEAR on Feb 4th 2022

We set out several years ago to make significant improvements to typical leather performance and quality.The result of that hard work is Ironclad’s new Limitless Leather technology, which delivers the best performing leather in the work glove industry.

How do we accomplish this?It starts with controlling every single step of the leather sourcing and production process, and utilizing the best quality animal hides from tightly controlled regions of the world. We start with the animal hide itself.Limitless Leather contains a tightly intertwined fiber structure, which creates superior resistance to abrasion and tearing - yet remains soft and comfortable to the touch.In addition, all Limitless Leather hides undergo a stringent inspection upon departing the tannery and again upon arrival at our factories.

Compared to typical work glove leather, Limitless Leather has 5 times the abrasion resistance, and twice the resistance to tearing.This results in a longer lasting, more durable glove, requiring less layers on the palm.Furthermore, as a result of Ironclad’s proprietary tanning process, Limitless Leather will not shrink or harden after exposure to water or sweat.In fact, it is even machine washable.The result is a leather glove that works as hard as you do.

Want to know even more about our Limitless Leather technology? Download the Whitepaper.