Posted by IRONCLAD PERFORMANCE WEAR on Feb 4th 2022

With touchscreen technology rapidly entering the work world, Ironclad realized there was a significant gap in work glove technology. If workers must remove their gloves to enter data or capture images on phones, tablets or data entry devices, then productivity will be lost and hand safety will be significantly compromised. After 18 months of development, Ironclad introduced the Command Series™ line of work gloves. This is the first glove line to utilize embedded nanoparticle technology into the glove palm, allowing users to take full advantage of touchscreen input devices without having to remove their gloves. Workers no longer have to sacrifice safety and efficiency for the gains in productivity, communication and convenience that touchscreen devices bring to the working environment.

Our Command technology incorporates touchscreen into the very fibers of our gloves. By fusing conductive nanoparticles into the fibers of the synthetic leather, we are able to ensure that not only is conductivity present throughout the entirety of the material, but also that the material stays conductive throughout it’s entire lifespan. Our touchscreen won’t wear off, rip off, or wash off like typical touchscreen work gloves.

We employ a similar technology in out knit gloves. Conductive nanoparticles are introduced at the beginning of production ensuring that there is a consistent, homogeneous mix during the coating process. This ensures that for as long as the glove is useful, it will remain fully touchscreen compatible.

To determine the effectiveness of our technology, we performed a series of comparison tests that pitted our Command touchscreen materials against several other conductive materials, including several competitors’ gloves, non touchscreen gloves, metal, and even the human hand without a glove.

The test results are outlined in the graph below: the blue line is the threshold for what is considered to be conductive (material that is at least as conductive as a bare hand). It is immediately noticeable that the Command gloves not only perform exponentially better than the competition, but they are also significantly more conductive than the human hand itself.

Aside from being highly conductive, our Command Material is also significantly more abrasion resistant than traditional synthetic leather, and even most work leathers as well. With ANSI Abrasion Level 3 rated protection, Command™ technology is designed to ensure that you have a high performing and durable work glove that meets all the demands you can throw at it.