Posted by IRONCLAD PERFORMANCE WEAR on Feb 4th 2022

When it comes to hand safety, compliance is the fine art of making sure that all workers are wearing protective gloves – and that they are wearing the right type of gloves for the hazards they encounter.

For example, Sandra works in the warehouse, so she needs cut level A1 touchscreen gloves. Roger handles sheet metal, so he requires cut level A4 gloves. Dewayne pulls hot metal parts off an assembly line, performs a brief grinding operation, and enters QC data on a tablet, so he needs heat resistant, touchscreen capable, cut level A5 gloves. Finally, there’s Julia. Julia’s job is to make sure that Sandra, Roger and Dewayne are all wearing gloves with the appropriate cut resistant level for the hazards they face on a daily basis. Therefore Julia needs a quick and efficient method of ensuring hand safety compliance across the entire workplace - and that’s why we invented color-coded cut resistance.

So how did we do that? We started by adding a reinforcement to the saddle of our gloves, where the highest wear takes place. This reinforcement will double or triple the lifespan of the glove, reducing the overall cost of a hand safety program. Then, we developed a system of color coding that reinforcement, so safety professionals like Julia can rapidly scan the entire job site and easily evaluate if each worker is appropriately protected. Not only that, but Sandra, Roger and Dewayne can also perform the same quick check at the start of each shift.

Color-coded cut resistance, exclusively from Ironclad - the difference between compliance and catastrophe