“These just might be your most famous retirement submission yet”

Dear Ironclad,

I have been a friend of yours on Facebook for awhile and when I saw your post about retirement submissions, I knew that I needed to send you this pair of Duraclads as they would be happy to come home and retire in your trophy case.

These gloves have served me dutifully for the better part of 5 years while protecting my hands from the all the pinches, splinters, sharp corners, rope burns, and general grime that is ever-present in the live entertainment industry. I’m a Union Stagehand in the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) Local #636 out of Central Pennsylvania.

These gloves have literally seen the ins and outs of hundreds of concerts, theater shows, music festivals, installations projects, and even a Superbowl Halftime show. These just might be your most famous retirement submission yet.

this is the second pair of Duraclads that i’ve owned and I only wish i still had the first pair to send you as they were even more worn out than these guys. Not only do I swear by your work gloves, but I have a few pair of your cargo work pants as well. they are virtually indestructible, quite water resistant, and super comfortable. Ironclad really knows how to make work clothes that stand the test of time and abuse. I have, and will continue to spread the good word of Ironclad.

I can only hope your trophy case appreciates these gloves as much as I have, though I’m sure it will. My hands and I thank you for making superior work gear. Please continue to do so for many years. I will always support your fine products and good name.

–Zach W.