“We learned of Ironclad through working under Kiewit Constructors”

Ironclad Retirement Home-

I work for an industrial painting company that specializes in sandblasting, industrial coatings, and metal repair with products from Belzona. The majority of our work is in power plants. It’s not me in the picture, I took it to show some of what we do, it’s 12 floors up between two boiler ducts. We do a lot of material handling such as sandblast equipment, ladders, and scaffold pieces, in addition to applying paint.

One day we may be painting structural steel, the next repairing a 400’ underground circulation pipe, and the next, sandblasting inside a 12 story boiler. We work in temperature extremes like hundreds of degrees next to a running boiler, or while applying coatings outside that can be used below 32°.

We learned of Ironclad through working under Kiewit Constructors upgrading a powerplant, they liked your product so much, they had you make a glove just for them!


–Tim Fitzlaff.