“Your gloves did everything I asked of them on this day, and more”

Dear Ironclad,

I am retiring my gloves not for the 99% of the routine labor for which they were used. I am retiring them for the one particular day on which I called upon them to protect my hands from something for which they were not designed; on this day they met this unexpected challenge and helped me to save the life of an abandoned dog.

On this day I had been assigned to help move a water quality monitor attached to the side of a highway bridge on the Trinity River just southeast of Dallas, TX; my duty would be operating a truck mounted crane. I didn’t expect much need of work gloves but I took a pair of your Super Duty Stealth gloves just incase.

We arrived at the location and began working when a co-worker noticed a dog trapped on a steel platform attached to the underside of the bridge. The platform sat over 100′ in the air and the only access back to the bridge was a vertical ladder; without help the dog was stuck on this platform and would, eventually, die from exposure.

I contacted local law enforcement and ask that an animal control unit be dispatched to try and recover the dog. After several hours of work to move the monitor it became apparent that animal control was not responding and I was left with the choice of doing nothing or trying to recover him myself.

My co-workers agreed to do whatever they could to help, so I climbed down to the platform where the dog sat frightened. Now, I don’t believe that this dog got there by accident; I believe somebody dumped him there. So, he already had reason to be afraid of me. And, having lived around dogs my whole life I knew that scared dogs tend to bite. This is where your gloves earned their keep. The only equipment I had to protect myself if he did decide to bite me was your gloves. So, I slowly got as close to him as he would let me and I grabbed him and he immediately started biting my hands. He bit me 4 or 5 times and I felt each one but your gloves protected my hands from any damage. I held him down until he calmed down enough for me to rig a rope around him so my co-workers could pull him up to the bridge.

Thanks, once again, to your gloves which protected my hands but still allowed my hands to be [dexterous] enough to work and tie the rope, safely around this poor dog. Everything went as well as possible considering the situation, and we were able to get the dog to safety. Once I got back to my truck, the dog now sitting in the cab, I check my hands and they were fine. Your gloves did everything I asked of them on this day, and more, and they helped me save the life of the dog I ended up naming Trinity. Thank you for making gloves that meet not only the expected challenges but also those that are unexpected.


–Thomas P.

Thomas-P-retirement Thomas-P-retirement