“I had to insist that they order me a pair of Ironclad, not cheap imitation”


Enclose please find a pair of worn Ironclad gloves. These are actually my fourth or fifth pair (plus a winter pair I use for cutting wood-second pair of these). I just got a new pair and decided to look at your catalog and saw the return policy. I first discovered your gloves in the local hardware store. But now many companies are making gloves similar to yours so the hardware store carries cheaper versions. I had to insist that they order me a pair of Ironclad, not cheap imitation.

When I got the new gloves I noticed that you changed the length of the thumb. You made the thumb about an eighth of an inch longer. I hate it when thumbs flap. I may have to have the thumbs sewn so it doesn’t flap. Why did you add? Did you do a survey of your customers? I wished I could tell you a bunch of exotic things I had done wearing Ironclad gloves… The gloves protect my hands in the mundane and everyday projects around the house. It’s nice to find a pair of gloves that “fit like gloves” and don’t have floppy fingers.

Keep up the good work and don’t give in to cheaper production for more profit. Our hands are something special to protect as we go about our daily tasks.


–Richard D.