“I wore this pair while armoring up for SCA sword fighting”

These gloves have lived about like I have so far, not too extreme, but we have hobbies and do our work when we need to. they have spent most of their time at the hardware store helping with the process of checking in freight and loading heavy bags for folks who need a hand.

whenever some friends need a hand moving or with some outdoor work, they call me up and we (the framers and I) set out. usually its tilling or chainsaw work but we get it done. though since i bought a house, these gloves have become well acquainted with the shovel rake, and dirt. when they were young (new) i wore this pair while armoring up for SCA sword fighting.

i’ve since gotten another pair of Ironclad framers to dedicate to this purpose as the open fingertips offer the dexterity required for on the spot armor repairs.

–Ollie G.