“Thanks to Ironclad I still have all 10 fingers splinter and cut free”

To Whom it May Concern,

These awesome gloves are ready for the hard worker retirement home for Ironclad gloves. My name is Matthew Adkins i’m 25 years old and recently just took over my families small construction company doing mostly new home construction. with me now running the show I’ve been working harder than ever, putting my hands in extremes they never been in and thanks to ironclad I still have all 10 fingers splinter and cut free.

Everything from carrying bundles of shingles up ladders too framing walls and ripping plywood these gloves have been great the last 6 months and I can’t wait for a fresh pair! Thanks Ironclad Performance Wear for making a quality product at a affordable price and this retirement program is a great motivating factor in picking gloves for me and my crew and you guys for sure have my loyalty.

P.S. excuse my hand writing, it was done on top of a tool box.

–Matthew A.