“Here lies the greatest pair of gloves I have ever owned”

To Whom it May Concern,

Here lies the greatest pair of gloves I have ever owned! I had these gloves for the last two and a half years. They have been by my side, or rather on my hands, through driving and working with my tractor on my hunting property.

They have also been with me through putting up tree stands, clearing brush, and through extensive chainsaw work on my property. They took me through the remodeling of our new house and through several other building projects. I also used them to cut and split quite a bit of wood. The last task that they performed was helping my brother-in-law re-roof his house.

As you can see, the shingles were almost more than they could take. They fought until the bitter end and we made it, but the holes and tears in the fingers and thinned palms made me realize it was time to give them a hero’s farewell. So long Wrenchworx…thanks for always being there.

Happy Retirement! And thanks for such a great product, Ironclad!


–Mark W.