“The abuse these gloves went through was unmatched in most industries”

“Dear Ironclad Glove Retirement,

First off, these gloves are the Best pair of gloves I have ever used. I bought a pair of the Low Profile Impact Closed Cuff Cut 5 about 4 months ago and they exceeded my expectations. Most gloves I use last only 2 weeks before I need to replace them. Yours lasted MONTHS!

I used to wear 5.11 Tactical Grip gloves I found at Gander’s Mountain and thought they were the best, until I saw the tag that said “Built Tough by Ironclad” on the side and decided to check out your brand. This was a great decision! These gloves are Awesome!

The abuse these gloves went through was unmatched in most industries. I am an assembly technician that builds wind turbines. This pair of gloves was used to lift 300 pound steel plates and manipulate them inside the towers. They turned countless numbers of fasteners and wrenches. They were used to swing sledge hammers and mallets to place the steel in these wind towers.

These gloves have built the green energy of tomorrow. They have also saved my hands on many occasions. You can imagine how a 300 pound steel plate feels when it’s crushing your hand, right?

At the end of the day these, and I’m sure all the other pairs you make, are worth every penny. They are the best pair I’ve ever had, and I will continue to buy Ironclad gloves for all of my endeavors. I will also recommend these and any style glove you have to anyone looking for the best protection and performance in hand-wear. Keep up the Great Work!”


–Kirk R.