“I was searching for gloves that would be versatile for the farm and the sanctuary”

Dear Ironclad,

I am the director of a Wildlife Sanctuary in Frelinghuysen, New Jersey. We care for 1,000 animals a year and our goal is to release them back to the wild. I was searching for gloves that would be versatile for the farm and the sanctuary. As a woman there are not many glove options that are made for real work. I found your Tuff Chix gloves are the best!

The majority of the staff at the sanctuary are women volunteers and they started borrowing my gloves when working at the sanctuary. So one year when you had your black Thursday sale I bought a pair for everyone and that started the trend, since then your gloves have been the gold standard for our staff to use. I have several pairs I use on a rotation basis. I have retired many in the past before knowing about your program. Enclose is a pair that has lasted approximately 2 years. These gloves have seen the ear tagging of white tail deer, raccoon vaccinations, opossum catching, and porcupine exams (Picture below).


On a side note your sweat shirts and jackets are the latest fashion trend at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary also!

It’s members of our community and friends and supporters like you that help keep the mission of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary strong. This year in 2015 we cared for over 1,000 orphaned and injured wildlife. We provide education programs for scouts and children in the community along with intern programs for future wildlife conservation programs.

Thank you for being a member of our family and help us support the mission of saving wildlife, preserving the environment and enriching lives.

–Kelly S.