“I can honestly say that I owe a great part of my success (and my life) to these gloves”

Dear Ironclad,

I got my first pair of Ironclad gloves in the sumer of 2006, when I was 19 years old, coinciding with my first film set experience. Six years, two film schools, a Bachelors and Masters degree, and countless hours on countless sets later, those same gloves have always been on my belt, albeit a bit worse for the wear.

These gloves have seen me through all types of work on my sets, from the humdrum to the life endangering. These gloves have done everything from keeping my fingers firmly attached to my hand where they belong (when metal shades from a light fell on them from 20 feet above), to keeping my hands from being burned (on 400 degree lights) to keeping me from being electrocuted (on 100 amp circuits).

These gloves have been with me in the coldest of winds, the hottest of suns, the muddiest of the LA River’s waters, and the dustiest deserts. In short, they’ve long outlasted and outlived any pair of gloves that any of my colleagues ever showed up with. I can honestly say that I owe a great part of my success (and my life) to these gloves. I can’t think of any other name that I’d have on my hands. In fact, many of my friends, having seen these gloves perform on the job, have purchased pairs of their own and swear by them themselves.

While it brings me a bit of sadness to see them go, I know its time for them to do just that. Unfortunately, having put them through hell and back, it’s time to retire them. I hope they’ll find as good a home in your museum as they did at my side and on my hands,

You’re loyal Customer,

–Kasra S.