“Best damn gloves I’ve ever owned”

First off, best damn gloves I’ve ever owned. I put these gloves through hell. I wore them hunting, and working on our farm. I hate to retire them. I have sweat, bled, got drenched in rain and snow in these gloves. I have dug post holes for fencing and drainage ditches in these gloves and they never failed me till now. They’re like me old and wore out.haha!

I’m a big guy @ 6’4” and these xxl gloves fit just perfect. I liked they had texture to the fingers and palms. That made it easier to hold onto things even in rain and snow. 

I’ve enclosed my old gloves in a biohazard bag as a joke. But they do smell, Like my football pads from high school or like my son’s hockey gloves. I had to spray my hands with bleach to get the smell off. hahahah ! Thank you for making a great product.


–Joe W.