“I’ve relied on these Ironclad gloves to let me put in more hours”

I am a well seasoned Landscape Contractor. I don’t generally like to wear gloves but I’ve used my ironclad gloves while splitting firewood, pruning trees and shrubs, building stone walls, digging holes, transplanting shrubs and carrying firewood. I’ve made my living using my hands and as you can see from these gloves, my hands could tell lots of stories. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I’ve made my living off the land, digging post holes, drainage ditches, ponds and waterfalls.

I’ve relied on these Ironclad gloves to let me put in more hours without tearing my hands to bits. Not easy pruning trees and shrubs that bite back or grabbing rough rocks and stones to line a pond. Pulling twine to tighten around burlap around the ball of a big tree. I’m just about as worn out as these gloves. I still have a bit of work left in me. While it’s time for my gloves to retire, I hope you can send me another pair that will keep these old, worn, hard working hands going for a few more years.

–Henri H.