Glove Retirement


When it’s time for you to retire your trusty Ironclad gloves for a newer, younger, fresher pair, do what’s right for them. Send them to the Ironclad Retirement Home to enjoy the remainder of their lives. When you send your retired gloves to the Ironclad Retirement Home, we will replace them with a fresh new pair at no charge.

All gloves must also be accompanied by a detailed letter that explains what these gloves have been put through. Our staff needs to have a full understanding of your gloves’ previous work-lives in order to give them the proper care that they deserve.

Please fill out this form and send us your retired gloves to the address below. Then check out our Facebook page to see if your gloves get featured. We’ll also be placing select retired gloves in a display case in the lobby of our global headquarters.

    Ironclad® Performance Wear Corp.
    ATTN: Glove Retirement
    1920 Hutton Court, Suite 300
    Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 U.S.A.

  • (EX: Heavy Utility, Box Handler, Framer, etc...)
    Please provide the size of the gloves you are retiring.
  • (Please be as descriptive as possible.)