“Your gloves did everything I asked of them on this day, and more”

Dear Ironclad,

I am retiring my gloves not for the 99% of the routine labor for which they were used. I am retiring them for the one particular day on which I called upon them to protect my hands from something for which they were not designed; on this day they met this unexpected challenge and helped me to save the life of an abandoned dog.

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“I wore this pair while armoring up for SCA sword fighting”

These gloves have lived about like I have so far, not too extreme, but we have hobbies and do our work when we need to. they have spent most of their time at the hardware store helping with the process of checking in freight and loading heavy bags for folks who need a hand.

whenever some friends need a hand moving or with some outdoor work, they call me up and we (the framers and I) set out. usually its tilling or chainsaw work but we get it done. though since i bought a house, these gloves have become well acquainted with the shovel rake, and dirt. when they were young (new) i wore this pair while armoring up for SCA sword fighting.

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“My hands aren’t as tired, no more wrist sprains, and I have full confidence I won’t get hurt.”

I work in the warehousing aspect of retail. I’ve been in this line of work for 10 years, and started using gloves 5 years in. I tried a few other brands of gloves until I stumbled upon Ironclad. At that point, I stopped trying other brands. I initially went with his style of gloves because of the wrist support. Over time I came to appreciate the versatility and detailed construction of these gloves.

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“Ironclad is one of the toughest gloves I’ve had”

My trusty gloves have stayed by my side for 4 months. During these four months, these gloves lived a rough life. They spent their time keeping customers supplied with water, and keeping sewer flowing. After wearing different brands, Ironclad is one of the toughest gloves I’ve had.

–Cody T.

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“Used your gloves simply to cushion hands when using hand tools”

Gloves were bought 12/3/13 in an effort to avoid having to get new work gloves several times a season to prevent hand wounds. Am a home/property owner who does everything for myself. Used your gloves simply to cushion hands when using hand tools such as shovel, hoe, loppers, bow-saw, pole saw, hammer; and with power tools such as impact hammer and chainsaw. Cleaned gutters with them. And, used gloves for protection when performing tree felling and shrub removal, chipper feeding, log movement & loading, burning, shredded bark placement, and stump removal.

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“Saved me from getting my hand crushed more than a few times”

To Whom it may concern:

I am restoring a steam locomotive here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have done many varied tasks such as crawling through the frames of the locomotive tightening bolts and nuts to installing new pipes and components, securing rigging for very heavy objects as we take them on and off of the locomotive, and grinding and cleaning various system components.

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“Best damn gloves I’ve ever owned”

First off, best damn gloves I’ve ever owned. I put these gloves through hell. I wore them hunting, and working on our farm. I hate to retire them. I have sweat, bled, got drenched in rain and snow in these gloves. I have dug post holes for fencing and drainage ditches in these gloves and they never failed me till now. They’re like me old and wore out.haha!

I’m a big guy @ 6’4” and these xxl gloves fit just perfect. I liked they had texture to the fingers and palms. That made it easier to hold onto things even in rain and snow. 

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“They represent many hours of hard work & priceless memories”

Dear Ironclad,

A friend gifted these gloves to me when I bought my house. They have dry walled, repaired, tilled and even landscaped …I love these gloves – I hate sending them in. I’m not sure what you do with the gloves sent in – but if you throw them away, would you please consider mailing them back to me. They represent many hours of hard work & priceless memories.

Thanks so much Ironclad Fam

–Pattie M.

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“I’ve relied on these Ironclad gloves to let me put in more hours”

I am a well seasoned Landscape Contractor. I don’t generally like to wear gloves but I’ve used my ironclad gloves while splitting firewood, pruning trees and shrubs, building stone walls, digging holes, transplanting shrubs and carrying firewood. I’ve made my living using my hands and as you can see from these gloves, my hands could tell lots of stories. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I’ve made my living off the land, digging post holes, drainage ditches, ponds and waterfalls.

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“Thanks to Ironclad I still have all 10 fingers splinter and cut free”

To Whom it May Concern,

These awesome gloves are ready for the hard worker retirement home for Ironclad gloves. My name is Matthew Adkins i’m 25 years old and recently just took over my families small construction company doing mostly new home construction. with me now running the show I’ve been working harder than ever, putting my hands in extremes they never been in and thanks to ironclad I still have all 10 fingers splinter and cut free.

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“We learned of Ironclad through working under Kiewit Constructors”

Ironclad Retirement Home-

I work for an industrial painting company that specializes in sandblasting, industrial coatings, and metal repair with products from Belzona. The majority of our work is in power plants. It’s not me in the picture, I took it to show some of what we do, it’s 12 floors up between two boiler ducts. We do a lot of material handling such as sandblast equipment, ladders, and scaffold pieces, in addition to applying paint.

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“Here lies the greatest pair of gloves I have ever owned”

To Whom it May Concern,

Here lies the greatest pair of gloves I have ever owned! I had these gloves for the last two and a half years. They have been by my side, or rather on my hands, through driving and working with my tractor on my hunting property.

They have also been with me through putting up tree stands, clearing brush, and through extensive chainsaw work on my property. They took me through the remodeling of our new house and through several other building projects. I also used them to cut and split quite a bit of wood. The last task that they performed was helping my brother-in-law re-roof his house.

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“These gloves have served me well”

This is about 5 years of use. These gloves have served me well.

I didn’t want to let go. It took me about 6 month to finally let go.

Every day I thought it’s still good to use. Sadly I see the light in the gloves, holes.

Thank you! for the great glove.

–Ruslan KH

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“These are the best loading gloves I ever invested in, and I never leave home without them”

I’m in the construction business, and have used these moving gloves for many jobs. Moving materials like wood, concrete, re-bar, steel, stairs, trusses, just to name a few. I’ve used them loading equipment on trailers, moving trailers, hooking up trailers. They’ve been used while cleaning up a project.

These are the best loading gloves I ever invested in, and I never leave home without them. I also have 2 other pairs, different styles.

–Dennis B.

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“Thank you for helping my hands”

To whom it may concern at Ironclad Gloves,

These gloves are ready for retirement. They have served me very well. Over the years they have been through many home projects and the never ending yard work. They have protected my hands. Here’s a short list of the adventures these gloves lived through;

Yard work: cleaning gutters, weeding flower beds, raking leaves, spreading bark mulch, pruning bushes, planting bushes, digging out bushes, removing briars, cutting down and limb trees. House/home projects: building retain wall, building front steps, chopping firewood, scraping peeling paint, digging post holes, digging out stumps, digging out boulders, installing air conditioners, stacking bricks. Thank you for helping my hands.

–Robert S.

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Cody D.

I’m afraid that I don’t know where pancho went, I could only find Lefty.


–Cody D.

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“They are my favorite gloves for doing all the jobs that are required here on the farm”

These Ironclad gloves-model SMX have been my constant companion for over two years. They have been worn while I am driving tractors and heavy equipment on my farm. I also wear them when I am clearing land, splitting wood and pulling brush, and doing snow removal (we have Buffalo NY weather here). They are my favorite gloves for doing all the jobs that are required here on the farm. They have worn extremely well and are the best gloves I have ever owned — durable and comfortable.

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“Your gloves are the best! I have given at least two pair as presents”

Dear Retirement Home:

Please find one (1) pair of Ironclad Ranchworx gloves inclosed. They are ready for the retirement home. These gloves have served me well for about one (1) year. I drive for K&W tire company, in Lancaster, PA. I wear these gloves to stock and unstuck car and truck tires, take out trash, work on my truck, and anything else that I need to do. I wear the gloves summer and winter.

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“They are very useful while riding an ATV or riding a motorcycle”

Dear Ironclad,

Here are my pair of Hi-Viz gloves and this is how I put them to use. I purchased these gloves because of the high visibility. I took them with me to gather firewood. If I put them down somewhere. they would surely be easy to find. I also used them around the house, i.e. cutting weeds, chopping and splitting firewood and working on my truck. They are very useful while riding an ATV or riding a motorcycle. The Hi-Viz is a sure plus for hand signals. My name is Nelson and we live here in the four corners; New Mexico side.”

–Nelson B.

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“They are without a doubt the best glove purchase I have made”

Dear Ironclad,

I have enclosed a pair of Ironclad Farm work gloves that I purchased in November of 2014. I used these gloves for cutting and splitting firewood. I generally cut 30 plus ranks of wood a year and normally go through 5-6 pairs of gloves. I have used these gloves since I received them, and didn’t wear them out until July-August of 2015. They are without a doubt the best glove purchase I have made. Thank you.

–Jim O.

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“I have been a loyal wearer for years”

Dear Ironclad,

I have been a loyal wearer for years. Recently, I was thinking that this last pair of Gripworx needs a great place to retire with other gloves that have seen their days. I am submitting these gloves where they started. Now they can be “HOME” in your trophy case where hundreds of people can read my story on how I earned my retirement.

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“I had to insist that they order me a pair of Ironclad, not cheap imitation”


Enclose please find a pair of worn Ironclad gloves. These are actually my fourth or fifth pair (plus a winter pair I use for cutting wood-second pair of these). I just got a new pair and decided to look at your catalog and saw the return policy. I first discovered your gloves in the local hardware store. But now many companies are making gloves similar to yours so the hardware store carries cheaper versions. I had to insist that they order me a pair of Ironclad, not cheap imitation.

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“I buy a new set of these every fall”

To Whom it May Concern:

Just thought I would send back my gloves I bought from Ace Hardware so you could see for yourself how well they hold up after one year. I buy a new set of these every fall. I work outside feeding cows at home, and also work on ski slopes around the world producing World Cup ski race course’s. I have just returned from Beaver Creek Colorado after 9 days on the mountain. All I wore where a brand new pair of cog’s. The temps ranged from the low 20’s in the morning to the mid forty’s in the afternoon. these gloves were great as usual.

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“My whole maintenance program is issued these gloves now”

I am Bryan Gray.

I work for GA State Parks and currently work as the Park Manager for Stephen C Foster State Park in the Okefenokee Swamp. I bought these gloves from a hardware store 8 years ago when I was the Asst. Park Manager High Falls State Park. In my line of work we do many things from Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Equipment maintenance, and I am also a Law Enforcement Officer/Ranger as well.

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“The list of places this glove has visited”

Dear Ironclad,

Enclosed are two gloves retrieved from the “Handwear Graveyard” out in my garage. The first is an example of how I augment your gloves for long trips. Small strips of duct tape soaked in glue kinda seems like paper mache’ for men, actually the list of places this glove has visited is as follows:

–Istanbul, Turkey

–Dubrovnik, Croatia

–Kota, Montenegro

–Paris, France

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“These just might be your most famous retirement submission yet”

Dear Ironclad,

I have been a friend of yours on Facebook for awhile and when I saw your post about retirement submissions, I knew that I needed to send you this pair of Duraclads as they would be happy to come home and retire in your trophy case.

These gloves have served me dutifully for the better part of 5 years while protecting my hands from the all the pinches, splinters, sharp corners, rope burns, and general grime that is ever-present in the live entertainment industry. I’m a Union Stagehand in the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) Local #636 out of Central Pennsylvania.

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“I work on my property every weekend and these never leave my side”

Dear Ironclad

I’ve had these gloves for almost 3 years. They have served me well. I work on my property every weekend and these never leave my side. I’ve probably set over 500 posts and run thousands of feet of barbed wire. i think i could get another year or two out of them, but figured it was time to send them to the retirement home. thanks for a great product.


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