“I have been a loyal wearer for years”

Dear Ironclad,

I have been a loyal wearer for years. Recently, I was thinking that this last pair of Gripworx needs a great place to retire with other gloves that have seen their days. I am submitting these gloves where they started. Now they can be “HOME” in your trophy case where hundreds of people can read my story on how I earned my retirement.

When you think of shoes, they protect your feet. In my case, Ironclad gloves are my shoes. With this pair of gloves they have traveled through graveled driveways, barked trails throughout campgrounds, been on muddy soccer fields, and one of the biggest accomplishments were 3K’s, and then moving up to 5K’s. This glove has protected my hands from rainy, cold mornings training for 3K’s and protect the inner hand from getting all chewed up when I install new tires.

This is my 8th pair of Ironclad gloves. As you see the wear and tear on these gloves, this is an indication, in a 5-month period; I have traveled over 350 miles on rough terrain surfaces and an average day just wheeling around.

The bottom line is that I always spread great news about your product and I will always continue to show people how much your gloves can tolerate the extreme weather conditions. I can only hope that the retirement home for gloves accepts this pair from its journey to a trophy showcase in sunny California.

Thank you for your support,

–Bryan K.
“Where Obstacles Can Be Conquered…”