“My whole maintenance program is issued these gloves now”

I am Bryan Gray.

I work for GA State Parks and currently work as the Park Manager for Stephen C Foster State Park in the Okefenokee Swamp. I bought these gloves from a hardware store 8 years ago when I was the Asst. Park Manager High Falls State Park. In my line of work we do many things from Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Equipment maintenance, and I am also a Law Enforcement Officer/Ranger as well.

These gloves have been absolutely great. I have used them for everything with our duty handguns/shotguns during very cold weather. My whole maintenance program is issued these gloves now. I don’t have to worry about buying new gloves every year because these gloves don’t seem to wear out. They get dirty and I toss them into washing machine and they look brand new. My gloves have been a part of my toolbox/tool belt/Duty Gear for awhile now. I am having a hard time letting them go into retirement.

Thanks Ironclad.

–Bryan G.