“They really protected my hands in those tight spots and eliminated any skin abrasions”

Dear Friends,

The life of these gloves started as a pair used mainly for exercise, enduring a lot of stretching, sweat, and grip. Their main focus at the beginning was for weightlifting through bench press and mostly curls due to the extra support in the wrap around wrist feature.

After a good year in the gym these gloves were replaced with their exact family while these were sent down to the garage for working around the yard and working on the car.

While in the garage, they were used to wrench around a beautiful 1970 Chevy Chevalier, blue with black racing stripes, working on the engine and some chassis work. They really protected my hands in those tight spots and eliminated any skin abrasions. They shared some time in the yard, but mostly during the mowing season.

After two years there the were ready for their final chore of the second floor bathroom tear-out and remodel. The good news is that they had finished all their jobs with excellent recommendations and have inspired others to purchase gloves from the family of Ironclad. My hands have appreciated the durability of these gloves especially in the garage and remodel, I am so grateful to have that protection during those times.

They must now be retired after such a long time in the field. I hope you see my story fit for your promotion and thank you for making a great quality and excellent performing glove.

–Brad K.