“My father guided me to you for sure, but you have earned my lifelong loyalty”

Dear Ironclad,

Ten years ago my father and I were working on a project at his house in Western, MA. During the work, the gloves I had on tore and I cut my hand. He handed me a new pair of Ironclad General Utility Gloves. I’d never used Ironclad before then. Well, I have never purchased anything but Ironclad since then!

Since then I have acquired a collection of gloves for working around the house. Some would say I have too many, but I always remind them that I have ten fingers and I want to keep them. And when I go to help neighbors and friends with projects they are always asking where my gloves come from ‘cause they like ‘em so much.

Recently four pairs of my collection are starting to show real wear and tear. They have helped with downing trees, building sheds and laying sidewalks. Running machines like mini-excavators, stump grinders and log splitters. Working on cars, motorcycles and outdoor equipment. They are always a critical component to my home improvement jobs too. Setting hardwood floors, installing windows and patching shingles. There is never a shortage of work to be done.

With all the work they have helped to do, I’ve decided to retire three of these pairs. The gloves from my father will stay with me. Six years ago my father suffered a stroke and is now severely disabled. He taught me all that I know in the shop and the gloves remind me that he always had great ideas!

The other three will make a journey back to Ironclad. You will find holes that have been patched with duct tape (flame pattern of course!) Tears from rocks and bricks, a few burn marks, some slices from sharp edges of blades and even one cuff that was slightly chewed by my dog. But beyond all the wear and tear, I hope what shows the most is that they were used well on many projects. That they protected my hands and allowed me to work my job (I work in IT and need these fingers) when I wasn’t working at home.

My father guided me to you for sure, but you have earned my lifelong loyalty by making the best gloves I’ve ever used. My newer gloves were all there to say goodbye when I packed them up to go.

Thank you for making a great product!

–Aaron B. (and my 10 fully functional fingers!)